How to send music and image files ?
Send the files (music and artwork) in one transfer via https://vinylpressing.wetransfer.com/

How do you match my order with my files ?
We use your email address as reference to match your files with your payment.

What format of audio files do you accept ?

We accept all of the common music files (wav, mp3, flac, wma, aif, m4a...). If you want your tracks in a specific order on your vinyl, rename your files (A1, A2... B1, B2...) and try to arrange similar playing times on both sides.

What are the artwork specifications ?
For better quality, high resolution files are preferred (pdf, psd, bmp, jpeg). For the printed cover send square images for front and back cover : size  : 30 cm x 30 cm (12" x 12"), high resolution if possible or you can use our templates for vinyl packaging.

What is the maximum playing time per side ?
About 22 minutes per side for standard recording, this is a theoretical value, a little more is possible for normal recordings and much less for extreme recordings (out of phase audio, non realistic stereo imaging...)

Will it play on my record player ?
Yes, our cutom vinyl records are regular vinyl records and will play on any brand/model made after 1950.

How long will my vinyl record last ?
It will last forever, just store it in its sleeve and keep it away from extreme heat source.

Do you ship worldwide ?
We ship everywhere Fedex and DHL go.

What is the turnaround time ?
72 hours (From Monday to Friday) for rush orders when we have received all the elements for the making of your vinyl, see product page for regular orders.

Will I receive a tracking number ?
Yes, you receive your order status and your tracking number by email, you can also connect to the "order lookup" and check the status of your order.